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1st ed., 231 pages, $19.95  Review Cart
ISBN 978-0-89641-049-7

The authors stress the need to consider environmental and societal forces in order to develop curricula that reflect future trends. The text also emphasizes ways in which appropriate persons outside the school can be involved in curriculum development. Each chapter is concluded with a summary, major themes, student encounters which highlight subject content, and selected supplementary reading. Flow charts and diagrams illustrate curriculum model components. The text also includes sample assessment forms and analyzes data relative to the curriculum development process.


Chapter 1: Changing Curriculum Patterns.
Chapter 2: Issues Affecting the Development of Curriculum.
Chapter 3: Curriculum Development Through Options.
Chapter 4: Current Organizational Patterns for Learning.
Chapter 5: Curriculum and the Reality of Societal Forces.
Chapter 6: Coping with the Realities of Curriculum Change.
Chapter 7: The Process of Curriculum Writing.
Chapter 8: Implementation of the Change Model.
Chapter 9: A Look into the Future.

Appendix A: Educational Needs Assessment Survey.
Appendix B: Results of Educational Needs Assessment Survey.
Appendix C: Objectives

Post Test

Appendix D:
D-1, Pre-Profile
D-2, Post Profile
D-3, Pre and Post Profile Analysis Sheet


About the Authors

S. Audeen Allman is an Associate Professor of Education Administration at Texas Southern University in Houston. She has taught at Texas Southern for 20 years. During this time she has served as a visiting professor at the University of Nebraska, a visiting lecturer at Texas A&I University, and as an adjunct professor for Walden University. Audean received her B.S. and M.Ed. from the University of Houston and her Ed.D. from the University of Nebraska.

O.W. Kopp is Professor and Director for the Center for Curriculum and Instruction at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln. He has taught at the University of Nebraska for 30 years and has also served with many Elementary Education organizations. Before coming to Nebraska, he was Professor of Education and Director of the Laboratory School at State University Teachers College in Potsdam, New York. He has also published numerous books and articles.

David Zufelt is Professor of Education at Texas A&I University.



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