Pilates-Based Exercises
for Lifetime Fitness
and Activity Class Participation

2nd edition, 116 pages
ISBN 978-0-89641-622-2
$24.95 (includes shipping)

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Pilates-Based Exercises for Lifetime Fitness and Activity Class Participationwas written for Pilates mat classes offered in college activity classes.

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Exercise has come a long way in the 21st century. There are new innovative forms of exercise being discovered and invented to make the whole exercise process as simple as possible for people of all ages and fitness levels while attempting to reduce the risk for injury and impact to the body. Pilates is one of those forms of exercise. As college instructors the authors recognized the usefulness and positive aspects of incorporating this form of exercise into their college activity class offerings. However, when attempting to find a college textbook that teaches Pilates and its history to their students they were unable to find a match. They do not claim to be experts in this field but do have many hours of experience performing and teaching the exercises and have become very excited to pass on to others the knowledge and benefits to be gained from participating in Pilates.

Judy Bloomquist and Darlene Stockton both hold Masters Degrees in Kinesiology. They began working together in 2005 which inspired the creation of this book. Currently Darlene Stockton is teaching at Coastal Bend College in Beeville, Texas and Judy Bloomquist is teaching at Texas A&M University-Kingsville, Texas.

The goal of this book is to provide students with the information and instruction necessary for them to understand the importance of being fit and staying fit throughout life, long after their college experience is over.



  • Chapter   1: Introduction to Pilates — What is it and what are its benefits?
  • Chapter   2: The Creator Joseph Pilates


  • Chapter   3: General Fitness — The Five Components of  Fitness, FITT
  • Chapter   4: The Six Principles of Pilates


  • Chapter   5: Breathing and Warm-up
  • Chapter   6: Core Exercises
  • Chapter   7: Upper and Lower Body Exercises
  • Chapter   8: Stretches
  • Chapter   9: Pilates on the Stability Ball — Warm-up, Arm, Leg, Gluteus, & Core Exercises
  • Chapter 10: Pilates Circuit Workouts — Regular Mat, Ball Pilates & Combination Circuits, Yoga/Pilates Combination Circuit, Salutations, Pilates/Cardio Combination Circuit 40/20/20 Cardio/Pilates Combination Circuit


  • Chapter 11: Nutrition and Weight Loss the Healthy Way — Six Essential Nutrients, Healthy Eating for Optimal Weight, Nutrition tips, Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) My Plate
  • Chapter 12: Exercise Misconceptions
  • Chapter 13: Pilates Games


  • Glossary of Terms

SECTION VI — Appendices

  • Appendix A: Health Form
  • Appendix B: Goal Inventory
  • Appendix C: Body Measurements, Bioelectric Impedance Results, Body Fat Charts of Norms
  • Appendix D: Target Heart Rate
  • Appendix E: 4-Day Nutrition Log
  • Appendix F: Muscle Diagrams
  • Appendix G: Mat Pilates Study Questions I
  • Appendix H: Mat Pilates Study Questions II
  • Appendix I: Skiill Evaluation Sheet II
  • Appendix J: BINGO Cards
  • Appendix K: BINGO Numbers for Cut Out
  • Appendix L: Sample BINGO poses


  • References