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4th edition,344 pages, $33.95  Review Cart
ISBN 978-0-89641-198-2


This manual is designed for use in an Anatomy and Physiology course at the undergraduate level. Concise and easy-to-follow, the format gives the student ample explanation so that instructor assistance is minimized. A synopsis precedes each laboratory unit, capturing the concept and essential content to be studied. The procedure is presented in a step-by-step fashion with photographs, micrographs, tables and illustrations providing extra clarification. Lab reports following each unit are perforated for ease in grading. Each unit was chosen to provide quality laboratory experience to all students within the constraints of available resources and facilities. The material needed seldom requires fancy or expensive apparatus.


Chapter 1: Uses of Microscopes

Chapter 2: Anatomical Terminology and Body Organization

Chapter 3: Cell Membrane and Movement of Molecules

Chapter 4: Cellular Reproduction — Mitosis

Chapter 5: Tissues

Chapter 6: Skin

Chapter 7: Skeletal System

Chapter 8: Articulations and Biomechanics

Chapter 9: Muscular System

Chapter 10: Muscle Dissection — Cat Specimen

Chapter 11: Contractile Property of the Skeletal Muscle

Chapter 12: Nervous System

Chapter 13: Human Reflex Responses

Chapter 14: Sensory Perceptions

Chapter 15; Anatomy of the Cardiovascular System

Chapter 16: Composition of Blood

Chapter 17: Blood Types — ABO and Rh Systems

Chapter 18: Blood Coagulation and Fibrinolysis

Chapter 19: Hemodynamics — Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, Heart Sound, Pulse Rate, ECG

Chapter 20: The Lymphatic System

Chapter 21: Anatomy of the Respiratory System

Chapter 22: Respiratory Function Tests — Spirometer

Chapter 23: Anatomy of the Digestive System

Chapter 24: Digestive Enzyme Functions — Amylase

Chapter 25: Digestive Enzyme Functions — Lipase

Chapter 26: Digestive Enzyme Functions — Pepsin

Chapter 27: Anatomy of the Urinary System

Chapter 28: Urinalysis

Chapter 29: The Endocrine System

Chapter 30: Influences of Thyroid on Growth, Maturation, and Metabolism in Chicks or Mice

Chapter 31: The Male Reproductive System

Chapter 32: The Female Reproductive System

Chapter 33: Embryology

Appendix A: Measurement Conversions
Appendix B: Solutions and Reagents Preparation
Appendix C: Prefixes, Suffixes, and Combining Forms
Appendix D: Reading References

About the Author

Dr. Anthony N. C. Chee was Chair of the Department of Biology at Houston Community College and was also Adjunct Associate Professor at the University of Texas health Science Center in Houston, Texas. He received his B.S. from St. Edward's University in Austin, Texas, his M.A. in Physiology from The University of Massachusetts, and Ed.D. from the University of Houston.
Tony held academic positions with the College of Physicians and Surgeons at Columbia University, Department of Zoology at the University of Massachusetts, School of Public Health at the University of Massachusetts, School of Public Health at the University of Texas, University of Singapore and Baylor College of Medicine. He was the recipient of the NIH Research Fellowship and the U.S. Public Health Fellowship. Tony was a member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, American Association of University Professors and Texas Academy of Science.



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