61 Essential iPad Apps, Accessories
& Tips for Teachers

Physical Education & Health Edition

2013, 84 full color pages, $17.95
ISBN 978-0-89641-524-9

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Using the iPad in today's classroom has created unprecedented opportunites for both the teacher and the learner. The iPad is engaging, promotes creativity and places the learning process in the hands of the students. Combine this with the currently 275,000+ apps available and you have a mobile device that easily accommodates all learning styles (auditory, visual kinesthetic, etc.) and all academic disciplines. When loaded with the appropriate apps and properly utilized, the iPad provides teachers and students with the ability to collect data, edit video, access books, conduct experiments, store information, search archives, and maintain records. Instructional tools only become effective when they are used by master teachers.

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This book is organized into four sections. The first section includes 15 apps that will be useful to teachers of all disciplines. The second section features 15 apps that are specific to physical education and health. In the third section are ten accessories, cables, software and websites  that greatly expand the uses and applications of the iPad in education. The fourth section provides the reader with ten apps that I wish I had known when I took my first iPad out of the box.

This book isn't designed to be read cover to cover. Instead it suggests going to the table of contents and selecting a particular section. Next choose the app, accessory or tip that catches your attention and read on to find out more.

Some of the resources featured in this book aid in classrom organization and management support the development of a paperless classroom, and many have a direct impact on student learning. There's something here for every teacher—so roll up your sleeves and get started.


Section 1—Teacher Apps

  • App #1: GradebookPro
  • App #2: SlideShark
  • App #3: Flashcardlet
  • App #4: Nearpod
  • App #5: Educreations
  • App #6: Groovy Grader
  • App #7: Prezi for iPad
  • App #8: Splashtop 2—Remote Desktop
  • App #9: Notability
  • App #10: Team Shake
  • App #11: Explain Everything
  • App #12: iMovie
  • App #13: Dropbox
  • App #14: Corkulous Pro
  • App #15: Evernote

  • Section 2—Physical Education & Health Apps

  • App #1: Pocket Body
  • App #2: Everyday Golf Coach HD
  • App #3: Bracket Maker for the iPad
  • App #4: Restaurants Points Nutrition Calculator
  • App #5: Giant Socreboard
  • App #6: Chronology — Timer
  • App #7: Dartfish Express
  • App #8: BrainPOP
  • App #9: Emergency First Aid & Treatment Guide
  • App #10: Bodyweight Training
  • App #11: All-in YOGA HD
  • App #12: Seconds Pro—Internal Timer
  • App #13: MyFitnessPal
  • App #14: Unstuck
  • App #15: Daily Ab Workout

  • Section 3—iPad Accessories & More

  • Swivl
  • HDMI Pocket Projector
  • Prinatopia 2 (for Mac)
  • PlanbookEdu
  • iBook Author
  • Apple TV
  • Apple Add-ons
  • Withings Scale
  • Withings Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Fitbit

  • Section 4—21 iPad tips & Tricks

  • Tip #1: Shutting down the iPad
  • Tip #2: Adding More Apps to the Dock
  • Tip #3: Take a Screenshot
  • Tip #4: Find Things with Spotlight
  • Tip #5: Finding a Missing iPad
  • Tip #6: Copy and Paste
  • Tip #7: Store & View PDFs
  • Tip #8: Backing up iPad Data
  • Tip #9: Creating Folders for Apps
  • Tip #10: Saving Battery Life
  • Tip #11: Erase All Data
  • Tip #12: Re-arrange Apps
  • Tip #13: Type Faster with Multiple Spaces
  • Tip #14: Close a Running App
  • Tip #15: Turn On Capps Lock
  • Tip #16: Lock Screen orientation
  • Tip #17: Turn Off Auto-correction
  • Tip #18: Turn Websites into Apps
  • Tip #19: Split, Merge & Dock the Keyboard
  • Tip #20: Strengthen Your iPad Passcode
  • Tip #21: Download the iPad User's Guide


    Ken Felker, Professor of Health and Physical Education at Edinboro University, has peronalaly used and integratted technology into physical education and health classes for nearly 30 years. He was named Edinboro University technology Scholar in 2004, and has published and presented nationally and internationally on numerous technologies and their educational application throughout his career. Dr. Felker currently serves as Health and Physical Education Curriculum Specialist for Learning & Leading with Technology, a journal of the International Society for Technology Education. He was selected as the 1998 Pennsylvania Health Educator of the Year, the 1999 Eastern District AAHPERD Outstanding Health professional, and was a finalist for the National Health Educator of the Year in 1999. In 2006, Dr. Felker received the PSAAHPERD Cottrell Award, and was honored in 2009 with the Award for Innovative Excellence in Teaching, Learning, and Technology at the International Conference on College Teaching and Learning.