iPad Resources
for Physical Education, Health & Fitness

2016, 94 full color pages, $35.95
ISBN 978-0-89641-549-2

This book is designed to help professionals in the fields of Physical Education, Health, and Fitness, acquire the knowledge, develop the tools, and access the resources available to maximize the iPad’s potential. It is organized into four sections, each with a specific focus.

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Section 1 is a primer, serving as a overview for newer iPad users. This section includes what is in the box, apps that come loaded on the iPad, and other considerations as you begin exploration of the iPad as an instructional and resource tool. Also included in this section is a discussion about locating and downloading apps, and selecting accessories to help increase effectiveness and efficiency of iPad use. Since photography is integrated into many of the apps and accessories, the first section also covers tips to help take great iPad photos and video, and a host of support resources such as infographics, podcasts, curation tools. iBooks, and more.

Featured in the Section 2 are 30 apps specific to physical education, health and fitness. Apps in this section that maximize the iPad’s capabilities are Geocaching, Yoga Studio, and 4D Anatomy. Geocaching is an outdoor digital scavenger hunt that uses GPS to help move about and find a hidden cache. Yoga Studio makes use of audio and video to demonstrate and project various poses that may be used to create a fitness workout. Finally, 4D Anatomy uses the iPad’s camera and augmented reality (really cool) technology to explore the human body. These and the other apps included in section two are educational and engaging.

Section 3 highlights 30 apps selected to enhance both personal and professional productivity. These apps are designed for process over content. Examples from this section include apps such as Qrafter Pro, Tellagami, and Scoop.it. Qrafter Pro provides the tools to quickly and easily generate QR codes that take users to selected multimedia files. Tellagami creates original avatars that may be attached to websites and emails to deliver an animated and personalized message. Scoop.it provides users with a platform to search, develop, curate, and share a creative content stream on a topic of interest. The apps in this section take the function of the iPad to a whole new level.

Finally, Section 4 is a showcase of some of the finest iPad accessories, partner websites, and desktop apps available. Connect the iPad wirelessly to Apple TV, and project the screen and audio to a projector for all to see and hear. Use the Wi-Fi Internet connection to share and track leaderboard results from Kahoot questions, as the audience responds from their smart devices. Use the iPad with Swivl and you have a robotic device that captures video and wireless audio as it rotates 360º with a capture range of 33 feet. These examples and others created to expand the functionality of the iPad are found in the final section of this book.

A difference between iPad Resources for Physical Education, Health & Fitness and most other books, is that this book isn’t designed to be read cover to cover. Go to the table of contents and select the section that is of greatest interest to you (The Transformational iPad / Physical Education, Health & Fitness Apps / Productivity Apps / iPad Accessories & More). Next, select the section, app, or accessory that catches your attention and read on to learn more. You’ll find a summary, features, screenshots and an overview of page navigation. It you’re still interested, roll up your sleeves and give it a try.

NOTE: All iPad apps and accessories featured in this book have been tested and selected for their effectiveness, ease of use, features, and relevance



  • Out of the Box
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Apps
  • Accessories
  • Taking quality Photos and Video
  • Resources
  • References


  • App #1 – QUICKSTART
  • App #2 – Geocaching
  • App #3 – Workout in a Bag
  • App #4 – BrainPOP
  • App #5 – Dartfish Express
  • App #6 – Bodyweight Training
  • App #7 – Bracket Maker
  • App #8 – VT Suspension
  • App #9 – Everyday Golf Coach HD
  • App #10 – MyFitnessPal
  • App #11 – Giant Scoreboard
  • App #12 – Pocket Anatomy
  • App #13 – Sworkit Pro
  • App #14 – Smash Your Food
  • App #15 – iDance
  • App #16 – Kettlebell Workout 360º
  • App #17 – iTooch – 6th Grade Health
  • App #18 – Chronoplan
  • App #19 – Fooducate
  • App #20 – TGFU Games PE
  • App #21 – Yoga Studio
  • App #22 – CoachNote
  • App #23 – Seconds Pro
  • App #24 – 4D Anatomy
  • App #25 – PE Activities
  • App #26 – MapMyWalk+
  • App #27 – Fast Food Nutrition
  • App #28 – GPS Frogger
  • App #29 – Anatomy 3D: Organs
  • App #30 – Stats of the Union


  • App #1 – Qrafter Pro
  • App #2 – Counter Up
  • App #3 – Scoop.it
  • App #4 – Prezi
  • App #5 – Showbie
  • App #6 – Dropbox
  • App #7 – ZipGrade VPP
  • App #8 – Board Cam Pro
  • App #9 – Gradebook Pro
  • App #10 – Remind
  • App #11 – iCardSort
  • App #12 – Corkulous Pro
  • App #13 – Tellagami
  • App #14 – Planbook.com
  • App #15 – AudioNote
  • App #16 – Stick Around
  • App #17 – SlideShark
  • App #18 – iTunesU
  • App #19 – Plickers
  • App #20 – Flipboard
  • App #21 – Inspiration Maps VPP
  • App #22 – Educreations Interactive Whiteboard
  • App #23 – Nearpod
  • App #24 – Notability
  • App #25 – Team Shake
  • App #26 – Sporcle
  • App #27 – Pearltrees
  • App #28 – Evernote
  • App #29 – Explain Everything
  • App #30 – Pinnacle Studio


  • Justand V2e (with Electronics Module & Light)
  • Brookstone HDMI Pocket Projector
  • iSketchnote
  • Apple TV & Remote
  • Withings Wireless Scale
  • Apple iBooks Author 2.3
  • PlanbookEDU
  • Fitbit One
  • IHT Spirit System)
  • SanDisk Connect Wireless Media Drive
  • Swivl for iPad
  • Bose Soundlink Mini Bluetooth Speaker
  • Livescribe 3
  • ZagKeys Profolio+ Keyboard
  • Blue Spark Digital Microphone
  • FiftyThree Pencil
  • Tinke`
  • Withings Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Olloclip 4-in-1 Photo Lens
  • Reflector 2
  • Printopia 2
  • Apple Accessories
  • Kahoot82
  • Makayama Universal Mobile Movie System


Dr. Ken Felker, Professor of Health and Physical Education at Edinboro University, has used and integrated technology into physical education and health classes for more than 35 years. He was named Edinboro University 2015 Faculty Member of the Year, and 2004 Technology Scholar. Dr. Felker has written several textbooks, published numerous technology articles, and delivered more than 125 presentations and workshops nationally and internationally on technologies and educational applications. He was selected as a 2014 Swivl Video Pioneer to develop robotic video/audio capture applications in Health and Physical Education, and most recently, appointed to the International Health Technology (IHT) Advisory Board.

He was selected as the 1998 Pennsylvania Health Educator of the Year, the 1999 Eastern District AAHPERD Outstanding Health Professional, and was a finalist for the National Health Educator of the Year in 1999. In 2006, Dr. Felker received the PSAHPERD Cottrell Award, and was honored in 2009 with the Award for Innovative Excellence in Teaching, Learning, and Technology at the International Conference on College Teaching and Learning.

Other books authored by Dr. Felker include:

  • 61 The Health & Physical Educator’s iPad—Apps, Accessories & Tips, (2014)
  • 61 Essential iPad Apps, Accessories, & Tips for Teachers, Science Edition (2014)
  • Integrating Technology into Physical Education & Health, 5th Edition (2013)
  • Web 2.0 Tools for Teachers (2013)
  • 61 Essential iPad Apps, Accessories and Tips for Teachers—Physical Education & Health Edition (2013)