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1st edition, 100 pages, $10.95  Review Shopping Cart
ISBN 978-0-98641-357-3



Golf: the Game for Everyone is designed for golfers at all levels. Drills are included for the beginner which emphasize the proper grip, stance and how to swing the club. Drills for intermediate golfers include coaching points on how to improve the golf swing with “swing keys” and “helpful hints.” The mental aspects of the game and how to approach each shot from a mental standpoint are included for the advanced golfer.

The concept of golf as a game for everyone is enhanced by discussions of your attitude toward the game, gaining the mental edge in golf, and how to develop a positive self image for golf.

How to practice to improve your golf game is discussed in detail, along with how to attain peak practice results.

Extensive coaching points on the putting game and the entire short game enable the golfer at all levels to become a better player. Ideas for peaking your game on the course with special drills appeal to all golfers along with stretching and conditioning drills to improve your game off of the course.


Chapter 1: Attitude

Chapter 2: Peaking Your Practice Game

Chapter 3: Helpful Hints for peak Practice

Chapter 4: One Dimensional Focus

Chapter 5: Thinking Peak Golf

Chapter 6: Peaking Your Putting Game

Chapter 7: Peaking Your Short Game

Chapter 8: Gaining the “Mental Edge”

Chapter 9: Positive Self Image

Chapter 10: Suggestions for peaking Your Game

Chapter 11: Peaking Your Game Off the Course


Dr. John L. Johnson has co-authored a walking fitness textbook, Walking with Brenda Diane Armstrong. He has been a golf coach for 33 years, and the Head Golf Coach at Cal State Dominguez Hills for the past thirty years. Prior to that time he was an Assistant Golf Coach at UCLA for two years and the Head Golf Coach at UCLA for one year.
Over ten of Coach Johnson’s former players are Assistant Golf professionals in the Southern California area alone, and he has also taught the golf teaching methods class for Physical Education majors at Cal State Dominguez Hills for the past thirty years. As a result, his coaching and teaching methods are in widespread use.

Brenda Diane Armstrong has been a Physical Education and Dance teacher at Santa Monica high School for the past twenty-five years. Mrs. Armstrong has co-authored a walking fitness textbook, Walking, with Dr. Johnson and has a wide scope of expertise in fitness, conditioning, and strength training. In addition, she has done extensive research on walking as a fitness activity for physical conditioning, and on stretching for all physical activities.





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