Leadership Lessons from Great World Leaders

1st edition, 166 pages, $20.95
ISBN 978-0-89641-565-2

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The purpose of writing Leadership Lessons from Great World Leaders was to thoughtfully examine the essential observable leadership attributes that make all the difference in genuine leadership. Dr. Lang will do this in ways that brings to life, through storytelling, ten historical figures throughout the ages that have gone down in the annals of history as exemplary leaders. He wanted to discover what leadership attributes gave them their place in the history of the world. Each historical figure is rated against specific leadership attributes so that you can make sense out of their experiences and then apply them to your own study of how to best lead within your organization.

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This book can serve as a reference to, not only the leadership attributes that will be introduced to the reader, but it will undoubtedly trigger many discussions about the essential elements of leadership and how they were applied in various situations and historical periods. Through storytelling; through a sense of personal reflection; and through discussion, we can learn to become better leaders in our organizations. We must learn from past leaders or we may be destined to repeat their mistakes.

Dr. Lang selected leaders from ancient and contemporary history that represent many countries and both genders. He always felt that the female gender is under represented in leadership discussions and wanted to be more inclusive in this work. In addition, these leaders are drawn from multiple categories including: kings and queens, the military, presidents and statesmen, and reformer/activists. Through a process of storytelling, we will discover what observable leadership attributes helped them to make their mark in history.

Finally, you will learn how you can apply, what you have learned from the past, to your own leadership challenges. Whether your organization is in the public sector, the private sector, or the military, these leader profiles will help you to hone your leadership skills and become the best that you can become. This book was written for you, regardless of the experience and background that you bring to your career. It is not who you are, but who you can be.


  • Chapter 1—Introduction

  • Chapter 2—Creating the Future

  • Chapter 3 —Leadership Attributes

  • Chapter 4—Alexander the Great

  • Chapter 5—Elizabeth I

  • Chapter 6—Peter the Great

  • Chapter 7—George Washington

  • Chapter 8—Winston Churchill

  • Chapter 9—Golda Meir

  • Chapter 10—Napoleon Bonaparte

  • Chapter 11—Catherine the Great

  • Chapter 12—Martin Luther King, Jr.

  • Chapter 13—Margaret Thatcher

  • Chapter 14—Thoughts and Reflections

  • Index


    Fred M. Lang, Ph.D. has been teaching in both the traditional and the virtual classroom for over 25 years as an adjunct professor. During those years, he taught a variety of business courses that covered the spectrum from strategic marketing to global business strategies. however, during those years his focus was always on leadership theory and practice in the doctoral programs. As the chief learning office and chief training officer for the U.S Department of Commerce in Washington DC, he designed and delivered a complete pipeline of leadership development courses for this cabinet level agency. In addition, he founded and chaired the federal inter-agency Chief Learning Officers Council whose members included the highest-ranking chief learning officers for their respective agencies. Dr. Lang earned his Ph.D. from California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco in the year 2000.