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by N.A. McNIEL and C.W. MAGILL

2nd edition, 225 pages, $19.95
ISBN 978-0-89641-004-6  Review Shopping Cart


This is a study outline for genetics which can be used to supplement many texts. It contains twelve exercises which can be used in conjunction with the fifty-four lecture outlines which are provided. Descriptions are clarified with the use of numerous illustrations, diagrams, and charts.


Lecture 1: Historical Background
Lecture 2: Principles of Mendel.
Exercise: The Legend
Lecture 3: Simple Dominance
Lecture 4: Incomplete Dominance
Lecture 5: Lethal Inheritance
Lecture 6: Cell Division
Lecture 7: Gametogenesis and Probability
Lecture 8: Simple Interaction
Lecture 9: Epistasis
Lecture 10: Epistatic Ratios
Exercise: Monohybrid Ratios and Interaction
Lecture 11: Sex Linkage
Lecture 12: Sex Determination
Lecture 13: Sex-Related Inheritance
Exercise: Sex-Related Inheritance
Lecture 14: Multiple Alleles
Exercise: Multiple Alleles
Lecture 15: Human Inheritance
Lecture 16: Probability — Binomial Expansion
Exercise: Probability and Binomial Expansion
Lecture 17: Chi-Square
Exercise: Chi-Square
Lecture 18: Linkage
Lecture 19: Crossing-Over and Chromosome Maps
Lecture 20: Linkage Testcross Data
Lecture 21: Linkage—F2 Data
Lecture 22: Sex-Linked Linkage
Exercise: Linkage
Lecture 23: Three-Point Linkage
Lecture 24: Interference
Exercise: Three-Point Linkage
Lecture 25: Cumulative Gene Action
Lecture 26: Transgressive Variation
Exercise: Cumulative Gene Action
Lecture 27: Chromosomal Aberrations
Lecture 28: Chromosomal Abberations—Deletions
Lecture 29: Chromosomal Abberations—Duplications, Translocations
Lecture 30: Chromosomal Abberations—Aneuploids
Lecture 31: Chromosomal Abberations of Humans
Lecture 32: Polyploidy
Lecture 33: Gene Frequency—Random Mating
Lecture 34: Gene Frequency—Self-Fertilization
Exercise: Gene Frequency (Random Mating)
Exercise: Self-Fertilization
Lecture 35: Forces That Change Gene Frequency
Lecture 36: Review
Lecture 37: The Relationship Between Genes and Enzymes
Lecture 38: The One-Gene One-Enzyme Hypothesis
Lecture 39: DNA—The Genetic Material.
Lecture 40: Chemical Structure of DNA and RNA
Lecture 41: DNA Replication
Lecture 42: Protein Synthesis: Components
Lecture 43: Model for Protein Synthesis and the Genetic Code
Lecture 44: Gene Regulation
Lecture 45: Mutations
Lecture 46: Mutagens
Lecture 47: Effects of Mutations
Lecture 48: Genetics of Micro-organisms
Lecture 49: Complementation and the Cistron
Lecture 50: Genetics of Bacteria
Lecture 51: Cytoplasmic Inheritance
Lecture 52: Other Areas of Interest
Exercise: Quiz D. Vocabulary
Problem Set—Molecular Genetics
Lecture 53: Penetrance, Pleiotrophism
Lecture 54: The Inheritance of Detached Retina in a Large West Texas Family

About the Author

N.A. McNiel has recently retired from teaching. Formerly, he served as Professor of Genetics at Texas A&M University in College Station. He earned his B.A., M.Ed., and Ph.D. from Texas A&M University. C.W. Magill is Professor of Genetics at Texas A&M University. he earned his B.S. at the University of Illinois and his Ph.D. at Cornell University.



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