Fundraising Projects for Sport, Recreation, and Fitness Programs

1st edition, 328 pages, $32.95
ISBN 978-0-89641-468-6


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Fundraising Projects for Sport, Recreation, and Fitness Programs was written from a very practical perspective to provide a realistic insight into the world of fundraising in the 21st century. The information, suggestions and recommendations presented are based on sound theoretical constructs coupled with the practical experiences of the author and many of the colleagues who worked with the author over the past 40 years. The information contained in this book is applicable for all areas in terms of sport, recreation, leisure and fitness activities. .If you wish to generate much needed financial support as well as enthusiasm and positive public relations and publicity for a wide range of non-profit entities—this book has been designed with you in mind.


This book is written for current and future professionals and volunteers, irrespective of the specific area of sport, recreation, leisure or fitness one finds oneself. This is deiberately a “how to" book in terms of generating much needed resources for the organization where you find yourself an employee or volunteer. This is indeed a very practical, realistic and useful publication that you, the reader, can use to overcome and solve the many problems and challenges facing those who seek to generate much needed resources for their organizations, whether in the profit or not-for-profit arena.


The objective of this book is to help the reader develop practical skills and knowledgeable in terms of what it takes to become a successful fundraiser and promoter. The reader should be able to develop a level of expertise which can facilitate and significantly enhance one's competency level in fundraising. In essence, this book has been written to help the reader become a more knowledgeable, skilled and experienced fundraiser—a more effective, and efficient organizer and planner in the world of fundraising—one who understands how to structure and implement various fundraising projects in the 21st century.


Fundraising Projects for Sport, Recreation, Leisure and Fitness Programs presents a total of 150 fundraising projects that have been successful in a variety of venues. Each of these fundraisers can be implemented by people just like you. They are presented in a practical and user-friendly format and are accompanied by insightful suggestions which can be very helpful in solving the ever-present problem of generating resources for sport, and recreation and other non-profit organizations. Finally, each of the fundraising projects are based on a similar format or template (explained in chapter one) which provides a consistency in approach to each of the different projects.


  1. Organizing Specific Fundraising Projects—Utilization of a Template (Fundraiser Organizer)
  2. Fundraising Projects Generating up to $3,000
  3. Fundraising Projects Generating from $3,000 to $5,000
  4. Fundraising projects Generating from $5,000 to $10,000
  5. Fundraising Projects Generating More than $10,000
  6. Index


Dr. William F. Stier, Jr. has over 50 years of sport management experience in various sport, recreation, and fitness organizations and businesses as well as within colleges and universities. He has been President and CEO of the consulting firm, Education and Sport Management Consultants (ESMC) since 1985. Additionally, he has served as the director of Sport Management/Athletic Administration at the State University of New York, Brockport, since 1990 and as Graduate Director from 1994 through 2008.

His most recent national award was the Luther Halsey Gulick Medal which he received at the 2013 National American Alliance Convention April 25, 2013. The Luther Halsey Gulick Medal is awarded as the highest honor the American Alliance can bestow in recognition of long and distinguished service to one or more of the professions represented in the Alliance.

Dr. Stier was honored with the Sport Management Scholar Lifetime Achievement Award by the Southern Sport Management Conference and Troy University. April 15, 2010 and received the 1st Annual Sport Management Achievement Award in “honor of extensive contributions to the field of Sport Management” by the Sport Management Council (SMC) /National Association for Physical Education and Sport, April 22, 1999.