Career Playbook:
Taking Your Job Search to the Next Level

2nd edition, 140 pages
ISBN 978-0-89741-480-8
$16.95 (includes shipping)

Career  Playbook

Winners at the game of life are those who learn not only from their own experiences but also the experiences of others.

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My experience of teaching at the college level and assisting people in gaining entry into the job market qualitied me to write this book. Those students with whom I have worked have gained employment in the competitive world of the sports industry—the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, USOC, MLS, PGA, NCAA and several minor leagues. They have gained success in other careers also showing that this approach works.

Learning from the experiences of others allows you the opportunity to imitate ideas that have been successful and avoid other peoples’ mistakes. Having over 25 years of experience in the sport management industry has given me valuable knowledge that can help you attain a job. This book grew from my desire to make the journey into the work force easier for you. I like to think of it as a playbook for picking the right career. The lessons are essential, because, like any game, you can’t play well until you know the rules and strategies.

I have had the pleasure of speaking throughout the country on ways to get into the working world. Teaching others to advocate for themselves has always been my goal. It is not possible to stop people from making poor decisions; however, the purpose of this book is to guide. The goal is to learn from your past experiences and get better at making informed decisions.You will quickly learn that it might not be glamorous or easy, but if you have a passion for any industry, there is no reason you cannot gain employment and be successful. This book will walk you through the steps that are essential in order for you to gain access to the world of the employed. It will supply you with valuable knowledge of the workforce and bring you closer to your dream of working in your chosen profession.

There are many ways to gain employment. Getting a job is not the goal. It’s starting a career. Sit back and read how you can employ these rules. It’s not as hard as those who work in the field of your choice would have you believe. This book will guide you in planning your future.

Career Playbook: Taking Your Job Search to the Next Level, second edition, is structured to coach you as you embark on your career path and goals. It will help you first figure out your career goals and what you want out of life, then will expand into developing materials and contacts to help you reach those goals.

Each chapter will use coaching terms to make you answer questions about yourself, your goals, and ultimately, the career you are considering. Keep in mind that life will give you “timeouts” to stop and think about your direction. Enjoy these breaks, as they will pave the way for your career journey. Thus, each chapter will have timeouts designed to guide you through effective actions you need to take to fulfill your destiny.

This is my last point in the section before you begin. Sometimes it is not enough to just read it; I want you to understand through experience, so I may include stories from former students, my own experiences, or an additional activity for you to work through, all to help clarify the point of that particular section.

I would like to thank Jim Anglin, a former MBA student who let me use personal experiences that are shared in this edition. These insights will give the reader examples of what makes a great answer to a timeout. At the end of each chapter is a little more in-depth look at the timeouts. Many times people only answer the questions that first come to mind, so this will prompt you in reading more into questions, and looking beyond the obvious to go a step farther into true understanding and discovery. Timeout Help also serves as a short review before you move on to the next level of the book.

Everyone loves to win. My system has worked for me and others I have mentored and taught. Let me coach you toward a winning career path.

Peter Titlebaum



Getting Started: Tips to Staying in the "In Box"
Formatting the Document
The No-No List
Now What?


First Impression
Research the Company
Prepare for Questions to Ask and Answer
Evaluate Yourself alnd the Experience


Dream Big: Goals Often Surface
Next Year and Down the Road!
It's a Cinderalla Story!
For the Love of the Game
Be Part of a Team!
Blue Chip
Timeout from Real Life


Talent Scout!
Being a Player Starts with the Mind!
Big Time Goal
The Inner Circle
Giving It Away
Perfect Practice Makes Perfect
Batter Up
When you Grow Up?
Show Me the Money?
Timeout Help from Real Life


March Madness
Midget Plays Professional Baseball
Avoid the Sand Trap
Runners to your Marks .... Get Set .... Bang!
Plays of the Day
The Basement
Home or Away
Rookie Shows Promise
Timeout Help from Real Life


Like a Book
Ready for the Bigt lealgues!
Know When to Bluff!
Play What the Defense Gives You!
Too Slow to Play!
The Positive or a Negative!
Timeout Help from Real Life


MVP to Benchwarmer
Building a Championship Team
One of My Heroes
Playing the Right Zone
Over Under
Coach Gets Schooled!
Protect the Goal
Timeout from Real Life


A leader in career advising, networking, managing performance and communication, Peter Titlebaumis an Associate Proferssor of Health and Sport Science at the University of Dayton.. He received his B.S. degree from the State University of New York, Brockport in Communication Studies and his M.S. degree from Ohio State University in Physical Education and Sport Management. He earned his Doctor of Education degree from Temple University studying Sport Management and Leisure Studies. Dr. Titlebaum has written numerous articles and given many professional presentations. Presently he teaches introduction to sport management, sports management practicum and sports marketing at the University of Dayton.


“In 20 years of covering college and pro sports I've always been fascinated in studying what makes winners win. In all situations the championship coaches did not cut any corners in preparation and practice. Their plan was followed to the last detail. Dr. Titlebaum's book is an excellent path to follow to be a success in the business.” — Dave Shore, Sports Director, ESPN Radio-Dallas

“Coaches call timeouts to provide direction. In The Career Playbook: Taking Your Job Search to the Next Level Doc. T uses each one of his Timeouts to coach in a common sense, practical way. His experiences are invaluable. If you are a coachable person, when you finish this book, you'll say...’Put me in coach, I'm ready to play’."   — Ron Bertovich, Deputy Commissioner for Basketball, Colonial Athletic Association

“Peter Titlebaum has hit a home run! Students can draw on his vast industry experience and learn from the "tell it like it is" format of this classroom supplement. The practical advice, coupled with insider perspectives, makes reading this book a no-brainer for those aspiring to work in any industry.”  — Dr. Brian Crow, Associate Professor, Department of Sport Management, Slippery Rock University-Past-President, North American Society for Sport Management

"I had the good fortune of hiring two of Dr. Titlebaum's former students onto the staff of the 2005 U.S. Senior Open. Both came fully-prepared with a thorough understanding of what it takes to succeed in the modern-day work world." — Mike Nichols, Vice President of Tournament Business Affairs, LPGA TOUR, Former Championship Director, 2005 U.S. Senior Open

“This easy-to-read book is perfect for anyone, whether you're looking for that first job opportunity or with decades of experience. A must read self check list to jump start the job search process!”   — Joy Brand, Associate Director of Professional Development JCC Association

"I have seen first hand Dr. Titlebaum's passion, drive and desire to help others, attain success in the real world." — David M. Mondress, BDA Sports Management, VP Contract Research and Basketball Operations, Former Director of Finance for the NBA Player's Association

"I can't thank Doc T enough for helping me get in the door. The longer I am in the industry, the more I appreciate his emphasis on networking." — Omar Khan, Chief Contract Negotiator, Pittsburgh Steelers

"The lessons I've learned from Professor Titlebaum are echoed in this book. They were very helpful when I got started and continue to help me today." — Michael Tannenbaum, General Manager, New York Jets.