Technology Labs in Physical Education and Health

3rd edition, 2010, 148 pages, $29.95
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ISBN 978-0-89641-481-5

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Technology Labs in Physical Education and Health 3rd edition is designed to provide students with the skills needed to integrate technology into physical education, health, sport, recreation, and human performance. The introduction examines the barriers of adopting new technologies, digital immigrants and digital natives, funding, academic standards, and software/hardware solutions. The heart of the book includes 14 step-by-step labs.

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The labs use software that is included with this book, accessed from the internet, or a program within the Microsoft Office 07 Suite. Most labs can be completed in 1-2 hours and each provides completed work that may be added to a professional portfolio.

This book might be classified as the brief edition since Integrating Technology into Physical Education and Health 5th edition includes all components of this text, in addition to chapters on topics such as Exergaming, Web 2.0 Tools, Mobile Handheld Devices, and Digital Imaging to name a few.


  • Introduction — Integrating Technology into Health & Physical Education

    Today’s Learner
    Academic Standards
    Technology Funding in HPE
    Hardware and Software Solutions
    Fitness Assessment — TriFIT, LabPro Physiology, FITNESSGRAM, ACTIVITYGRAM, Heart Rate Monitors, Brockport Physical Fitness Test
    Grading — PE Manager, Easy Grade Pro
    Instructional Applications — DINE Healthy 7, Primal Pictures, MyPyramid
    Introduction Questions

  • Health and Physical Education Labs

    Lab #1 —Nutritional Analysis
    Lab #2 —Health Risk Appraisals
    Lab #3 —Fitness Assessment
    Lab #4 —PE Manager
    Lab #5 —Heart Rate Monitors
    Lab #6 —Fitness Center Design
    Lab #7 —Grading/Attendance

  • Productivity Labs

    Lab #8 —Digital Portfolio
    Lab #9 —Podcasting
    Lab #10—Desktop Publishing
    Lab #11—Heart Rate Calculator
    Lab #12—Digital Game
    Lab #13—Web Resource
    Lab #14—Web Page Design


Ken Felker, Chairperson and Professor of Health and Physical Education at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, teaches courses in technology integration and health methodology, and was named the Edinboro University of Pennsylvania Technology Scholar in 2004. He has published and presented nationally and internationally on numerous technologies and their applications, and currently serves as Health and Physical Curriculum Specialist for Learning & Leading with Technology, a journal of the International Society for Technology Education. In fall of 2005, Dr. Felker initiated a research project providing student teachers and supervisors with PDAs to gather data, plan, assess, and communicate in the classroom.

He was selected as the 1998 Pennsylvania Health Educator of the Year, 1999 Eastern District AAHPERD Outstanding Health Professional, and was a finalist for the National Health Educator of the Year in 1999. In 2006, Dr. Felker received the PSAHPERD Cottrell Award, and was honored in 2009 with the Award of Innovative Excellence in Teaching, Learning, and Technology at the International Conference on College Teaching and Learning.