Journal of Student-Athlete
Educational Development and Success


Veronica Snow, Co-Editor
Angelo State University
Warren K. Simpson, Co-Editor
Angelo State University

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The Journal of Student-Athlete Educational Development and Success (JSAEDS)
is an interdisciplinary annual, and includes thirteen major content areas:

  1. Student success program designs
  2. NCAA/NAIA/JUCO issues
  3. Life skills / awareness programming
  4. Student-athlete counseling
  5. Community service project in athletics
  6. Compliance
  7. Tutor programming for student-athletes
  8. Career planning for student-athletes
  9. Academic assistance for student-athletes
  10. Academic advising for student-athletes
  11. Creative enhancement program designs
  12. Leadership development programming for student-athletes
  13. Book reviews

The Journal of Student-Athlete Educational Development and Success (JSAEDS) is an interdisciplinary annual designed to fill the void between applied research and concept designs found within the umbrella field of coaching, sport, and athletics through the dissemination of information to those who can best utilize it in a practical setting. It is designed to provide a two-in-one style journal. Authors can provide not only pertinent information from their applied researh projects but also simply exchange program designs, ideas and concepts that can readily be considered to be put to practical use in any number of sport settings served by the readership. This includes athletic directors, coaches, learning specialists, tutors, student-developmewnt specialists, athletic academic advisors, practitioners, administrators, and educators found in a wide variety of settings. These can include settings such as college campuses, high schools, club sports, and any setting with the interest of developing student-athletes as a purpose.

The journal style emphasizes the use of lay terminology that can be understood by both professionals and those who are associated with the field through personal interest thereby requiring the simplification of the interpretation and discussion sections of research reports to faciltate understanding by a broad readership. This philosophy will facilitate the goal of the JSAEDS which is to communicate and stimulate thought by applying research and conceptual program ideas to current trends in the field and profession. To accomplish this purpose, clarifications of applied research projects, theories, and conceptual ideas and designs will be disseminated to practitioners and the general readership for utilizataion in any and all programs.