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Submit to International Journal of Sport Management


Manuscripts can now be submitted on-line through Scholastica. Use the button to the left to submit directly to IJSM. Manuscripts are being accepted in all areas related to sport and recreation management and athletic administration.

All manuscripts must be submitted in English. The manuscript package should include a cover letter, a title page, the blind manuscript submitted in Microsoft Word® docx format, and the tables and figures (as separate files). It is very important that the actual manuscript file has no metadata. Scholastica automatically anonymizes the docx files by stripping identifying metadata. All identifying information on a Microsoft Word® doc file should be removed before uploading it into Scholastica.

Each manuscript must be accompanied by a one-paragraph abstract (150 words or less). The APA (latest edition) format (Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association) must be used consistently throughout the entire manuscript. Number the pages and lines throughout the manuscript, including the references. Be sure to double check references for correct spelling of authors and publication dates as well as to insure that the names in the references and in the body of the manuscript match. Be sure references follow the APA format. Provide a running head. Manuscripts should not be submitted to another journal while under review by IJSM.

The first page of each manuscript should include only the title of the article. The name,  affiliation, and full address (including phone number, fax number, e-mail address, and complete accurate mailing address) of all authors should be provided in a SEPARATE document. When entering your information on the "Manuscript Details" section of Scholastica, be sure to include all co-authors. Also submit a copy of the cover letter with your files.

Manuscripts should be typed double-spaced with a 1-inch margin on all sides of a letter-size page. They should typically be 20-30 pages in length, including tables, figures and references. However, shorter and longer manuscripts will be reviewed.

All graphs and tables, as well as figures and drawings, should be placed on separate pages. Tables should be double-spaced. Figures and drawings must be professionally prepared an in a digital format. Final manuscripts, including all corrections, must be submitted through Scholastica in Microsoft Word® as a revision.

The following is a list of common errors with manuscript submissions:

    Author identity isn't removed
    Manuscripts are not double spaced
    No running head
    Grammar errors
    Verb tense and voice are not consistent

Be sure to address these issues before submitting your work. English proofreaders are highly recommended on international manuscripts.

Submitted manuscripts are reviewed by at least two members of the "review board" and by the editor. The evaluation of manuscripts is by a blind peer review process. Authors are notified as to the disposition of their manuscripts as soon as all reviews are completed. There are no page charges to authors. All authors must transfer copypright to American Press by signing a publishing release document.

Galley proofs of accepted manuscripts are e-mailed to the authors in PDF form and are to be returned within three days following receipt from the publisher. No major additions or revisions are permitted at this stage in the publication process—only minor corrections will be accepted. After it is published, each contributing author will receive one copy of the issue that contains his/her article. Complimentary copies will be sent to the lead author and it is his/her responsibility to forward copies to his/her co-authors.

Please e-mail American Press if you have any questions about submissions.