IJSM Contents & Abstracts Volume 2 (2001)

ISBN 978-0-89641367-2

  • Guest Editorial: How I Spent My Sabbatical: My Year on the NBA Roster — William A. Sutton — No Abstract. (1-5)

  • Comparison of Immobilization Effects of Commercial Brands of Athletic Tape — J. Greenfield, P. Colosky, S.L. Schaeffer, S.W. Wade, J. Andrews, J.L. Johnson — The purpose of this study was to determine if there were brand-related differences in athletic tape brands, as applied to the ankle for reduction of extreme range of motion. (6-18)

  • Competing Interpretations of Stier's and Schneider's (2000) Undergraduate Sport Management Curricular Standards Study — Jacquelyn Cuneen, Janet B. Parks — Stier and Schneider (2000) examined sport management academicians' and sport practitioners' opinions of the suitability of the NASPE/NASSM originated Sport Management Program Standards (National Association for Sport and Physical Education/North American Society for Sport Management. (19-30)

  • Socio-Motivational Factors Affecting Spectator Attendance at Professional Basketball Games — Dale G. Pease, James J. Zhang — This study assessed the socio-motivational factors associated with spectator attendance at professional basketball games, which involved the development and application of the Spectator Motivation Scale. (31-59)

  • The Current Status of Sport Management and Athletic (Sport) Administration Programs in the 21st Century at the Undergraduate and Graduate Levels — William F. Stier, Jr. — A survey was sent out to those colleges and universities offering a program (major, concentration, minor or course of study) in sport management and/or athletic (sport) administration in an effort to develop a current directory or listing of such programs. (60-97)

ISBN 978-0-89641-368-9

  • Guest Editorial: Advertising Sports-products to Girls and Women in a New Era: A Farewell to Genderized Visuals Connoting Stereotypical messages? — Jacquelyn Cuneen — No Abstract. (101-107)

  • Characteristics of NCAA Conference Codes of Ethics — T. Christopher Greenwell, Alan L. Geist, Dahiel F. Mahony, Jeremy S. Jordan, Donna L. Pastore — This study examined the current codes of ethics being used by NCAA intercollegiate athletic conferences.(108-124)

  • The Relationship between Revenue and Winning in the National Football League — James T. Reese, Mark S. Nagel — The purpose of this study was to determine the contribution of revenues in the success of NFL teams. (125-133)

  • An Analysis of Visitor Spending and Economic Scale on Amsterdam from the Gay Games V, 1998 — Brenda G. Pitts, E. Kevin Ayers — The purpose of this study was to measure the economic scale of the Gay Games.(134-151)

  • Two Methods of Sponsor Identification: Impact on Consumer Attitude — Frank R. Veltri, Heidi Luehmann-Jaynes, John Kuzma — This study explores the consequences of increasing levels of two types of corporate sponsor identification ("name mention" and "brought to you by") within the context of college athletics. (152-165)

ISBN 978-0-89641-371-9

  • An Analysis of Why Some Colleges and Universities Are Starting Football and How Various Institutions Are Implementing the Sport — Donald Staffo — This study surveyed colleges and universities across the United States that recently started football or were planning to start football in the near future to determine their reasons for adding what is the most expensive sport and how they implemented or planned to implement it.(169-182)

  • Creating Multicultural Sport Spectating Experiences: marketing the Sociology of Sport Consumption — Ketra L. Armstrong — This article suggests that sport marketers need to embrace the concept of marketing the sociology of sport consumption and offered strategies to enable them to create dynamic, multicultural sport spectating experiences.(183-204)

  • Student Perceptions of an Online Course in Sport Management — Gregg Bennett, Robin K. Henson, Dan Connaughton — This study solicits reactions of students to an online course in sport management.(205-215)

  • A Critical Review of the methodology of Published Research in the Journal of Sport Management from 19891 through 1995 as measured by Selected Criteria — Elizabeth H. Barber, Bonnie L. Parkhouse, Ted Tedrick — Studies in JSM from 1991 to 1995 were evaluated in the areas of abstract, problem formulation, data characteristics and analyses, and conclusions. j(216-236)

  • The Differentiation of Personal Sport Expenditures: The Norwegian Case — Christer Thrane — This study examines factors influencing personal sport expenditures. (237-251)

ISBN 978-0-89641-374-0

  • Examining Board Member Roles, Functions, and Influence: A Study of Victorian Sporting Organizations — David Shilury — This study scrutinizes leadership and board roles through the examination of actual and preferred influence, current and future importance of board roles and board performance of these roles. (253-281)

  • Relationship between Perceived Constraints and Commitment to Recreational Sport Participation of University Students in Greece — Konsantinos Alexandris, George Grouios, Haralambos Tsorbatzoudis, Androniki Bliatsou — The purpose of this study was to investigate the degree to which commitment to recreational sport participation can be predicted by the perception of constraints on participation, using a sample of Greek university students. (282-296)

  • Gender Differences in the Intent to Leave Coaching: Testing the Role of Personal, External, and Work-related Variables — Michael Sagas, Frank B. Ashley — The study explored the turnover aspect of the female deficit model proposed by Sagas (2000) in a sample of collegiate head coaches. (297-313)

  • The National Football League: The Economics of a Cartel — Joseph P. Fuhr, Jr. — This article shows that the NFL is an unregulated monopoly whose franchises operate as a cartel. (314-329)

  • Application of the Goldstein Model to Public Sport Venue management Decisions — Matthew T. Brown, Clay Daughtrey, Laura L. Sawyer — This study's purpose was to assess the applicability of the Goldstein model in determining the choice between private and public management of concession operations of public sport venues. (330-344)

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