IJSM Contents & Abstracts Volume 6 (2005)

ISBN 978-089641-417-4

  • The Paradox of Politics and Sport: Exploring International Relations in the Context of Olympic Sports — Shayne P. Quick, Tracy Taylor, Dimitris Gargalianos — This study investigates the extent to which policies of national sport organizations explicitly facilitate the promotion of international relations. (1-14)

  • Founding Professional Sports Leagues: ASstatistical Analysis, 1871-1997 — Michael E. Dobbs, Kurt A. Stahura, Mike Greenwood — This study develops a hypothesis concerning social legitimation and competitive pressures as measured by league density, on the founding rates of North American major professional sports leagues in nine team sports from 1871 to 1997.(15-29)

  • The Effects of Sport Sponsorship on Consumer Purchase Intentions: The Case of the 2002 FIFA World Cup — Hongbum Shin, Douglas M. Turco — This study examined the effects of sport sponsorship on consumer purchase intentions during the 2002 World Cup in Korea. (30-46)

  • Development of a Scale to Measure Spectator Satisfaction Toward Support Programs of Minor League Hockey Games — James J. Zhang, Eddie T.C. Lam, Daniel P. Connaughton, Gregg Bennett, Dennis W. Smith — The purpose of this study was to develop the Scale of Game Support Programs (SGSP) to measure spectator satisfaction with support programs of minor league hockey games. (47-70)

  • The Korea Baseball Organization's Organizational Effectiveness by Complementary Methods of the Goal and the System Approaches — Euidong Yoo, E. Newton Jackson — This study investigates organizational effectiveness of the Korea Baseball Organization based upon the relationship between the goal approach variables and the systems approach variables. (71-83)

  • Factors Influencing the College Selection Processs of Male and Female Student-Athletes — Nicole R. Letawsky, Carolyn J. Palmer, Raymond G. Schneider — This study examined the factors involved in the college selection process of 126 first-year National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I student-athletes. (84-97)

ISBN 978-089641-418-1

  • Online Auctions of Sports Trading Cards: How Do Auction Attributes and Seller Reputations Affect Final Bid Prices? — Sara A. Vizcaino, Daniel S. Mason, Stephen R. McDaniel — This study examines online auctions of baseball trading cards to determine the potential effects that trading card characteristics and seller reputations had on final bid prices. (99-121)

  • Building a Successful American Collegiate Athletic Program: Recruiting Student-Athletes for Lower-profile Sports — Kimberly M. Judson, Jeffrey D. James, Timothy W. Aurand — This study examines the decision criteria and expectations of student-athletes participating in lower-profile sports in major and mid-major conferences, and examines similarities and differences relative to revenue status, scholarship status, and athletic conferences. (122-140)

  • Different Degree and Range of Specalization across Recreational Sport Activities: An Issue for Sport Marketing — Se-Hyuk Park, In-Sung Yeo — The purpose of this study was to determine whether individuals with different recreational sport activities exhibit different range and degrees of specialization. (141-153)

  • Analyzing the 2001-2002 Sport Management Faculty Openings — Paul M. Pedersen, Warren A. Whisenant, Ray G. Schneider — This study analyzed each of the 131 professional advertisements that were available over a one-year timeframe (2001-02) in the field of sport management. (154-164)

  • Managerial Roles of Intercollegiate Athletic Directors of the NAIA: The Mintzberg Model — Jerome Quarterman, Lonny Allen, Andy Becker — Using Mintzberg's managerial role theory, the roles assumed by 151 athletic directors of the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) member institutions were examined. (165-182)

  • Work and Family Conflict among College Assistant Coaches — Michael Sagas, George B. Cunningham — This study assesses the prevalence of work and family conflict along a six-dimensional model in a sample of women's team assistant coaches. (183-197)

ISBN 978-089641-421-1

  • The Effects of Racial and Gender Dyad Diversity on Work Experience of University Athletics Personnel — Janet S. Fink, George B. Cunningham — Drawing from social psychology literature, this study examines the extent to which race and gender differences between the employee (assistant/associate athletic directors, senior women administrator's coaches) and his/her athletic director impacted work experiences. (199-213)

  • Variable Ticket Pricing in Major League Baseball: A Case Study of the St. Louis Cardinals — Michael Mondello, Patick Rishe — This article presents a theoretical foundation regarding variable pricing in the sports industry and provides an approach to how sports organizations can assess their fans/ preferences and price sensistives. (2145-232)

  • Towards a Critical Theory of Sport Management — Allan Edwards, James Skinner, Keith Gilbert — This article argues for the theoretical and practical possibilities of applying critical theory to sport management research. (233-251)

  • Self Assessments of Collegiate Sports Information Practitioners Regarding Their Professional Expertise — G. Clayton Stoldt, Viswanath Narasimhan —An online survey was utilized to determine how collegiate sports information professionals assessed their expertise levels relative to a variety of public relations tasks. (252-269)

  • De-ethnicization and Australian Soccer: The Strategic Management Dilemma — Hans Westerbeek, John Deane, Aaron Smith — This article examines the bases of ethnicity in Australian soccer, the nature and rationale for de-ethnicization and culminated in the 1990's and discusses indicators concerning the outcomes of that process. (270-288)

  • An Exploratory Investigation of Rules Violations and Penalties in High School Athletics — Brian A. Turner, Daniel F. Mahony, Donna L. Pastore — This study investigates rule violations and penalties at the intercollegiate level in the U.S. (2898-303)

ISBN 978-089641-427-3

  • Diversified Dyads in the Coaching Profession — George B. Cunningham, Michael Sagas — This study examines the propositions relating to mentor power and protege outcome relationships. (305-323)

  • Asset-Backed Securitization and Sport Facility Financing — Timothy D. DeSchriver, Dennis Howard — This article explains the process of issuing ABS bonds and addresses the market characteristics that must be present for ABS bonds to be sccessful. (324-342)

  • In Texas It's Football: How Women are Denied Access to the AD's Office — Warren Whisenant — This study illustrates how women have been denied the opportunity to compete for athletic director positions.(343-350)

  • Why Spectators Attend Minor League Baseball (MiLB) Games: A Study of Sociological Motivation Factors — Soonhwan Lee, Yong Jae Ko, Hyosung Chun — This study was designed to elicit demographic data and examines the sociological motivation of spectators attending Minor League Baseball (MiLB) games. (351-364)

  • Validation of Player Characteristics for the Prediction of Collegiate Basketball Performance — Sharon L. Pederson, Terry M. Libkuman, Kevin G. Love, Paul D. Donn — The purpose of this investigation was to develop an instrument that could be used for the evaluation and selection of college basketball players. (365-387)

  • Corporations' Criteria for Sponsorship and Advertising Oppoprtunities on Professional Sport Team Web Sites — Chia-Chen Yu, Paul M. Plinske — The purpose of this study was to investigate the specific criteria used by corporations when selecting a professional sport web site for advertising and sponsorship purposes. (388-405)

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